2001 Daily Journal

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Date (click links to go to full entries) Super Camper Inspection Winner Best Bed Weather
6/24/01 Opening day 2001
6/25/01 Kerem Dogan Cabin 3 Matt Clifford Hot, Sunny Day
6/26/01 Jake Merchant Hilton A Christopher Cogswell Hot, Sunny Day
6/27/01 Ian Egbert Cabin 3 Andrew Clemence Very Hot, Sunny Day
6/28/01 Ben Whittemore Pete's Palace Ben Whittemore Sunny, Breezy Day
6/29/01 Cole Schlecht Pete's Palace Mike Koniares Cool Breeze, Sunny
6/30/01 Ted Cunningham Cabin 3 Nat Hewett Sun & Clouds
7/1/01 JP Giorgi Hilton A Jake Huston AM Sunny/PM Rain
7/2/01 Galen Arnold Owl's Perch Nat Hewett AM Cold/PM Sun
7/3/01 John Geiger Cabin 3 Ben Whittemore Cool, Partly Cloudy
7/4/01 Keith Arnold Cabin 3 Jake Huston AM Sunny/PM Rain
7/5/01 Mike Koniares Cabin 2 Matt Clifford Partly Cloudy/Rain
7/6/01 Sether Hanson Cabin 1 Galen Arnold Sunny Day
7/7/01 Nick Martin Cabin 8 Clark Fountain AM Sun/PM Rain
7/8/01 Christopher Cogswell Cabin 3 Mike Koniares Partly Cloudy & Cool
7/9/01 Anderson Flach Pete's Palace Ben Whittemore AM Sun/PM Rain
7/10/01 Matt Introcaso Hilton B Christopher Cogswell Rain
7/11/01 Ian Clunie Pete's Palace Alasdair Hayward Rain off and on
7/12/01 Aidan Bozzelli Hilton B Ben Whittemore AM Rain/PM Sun
7/13/01 Ben Whittemore Pete's Palace Moose McMahon Partly Cloudy
7/14/01 TURNOVER DAY!!!! Rain & Sun
7/15/01 Opening Day for 4 Weekers Beautiful Day
7/16/01 Moose McMahon Cabin 3 Matt Clifford Rain & Sun
7/17/01 Nick Rios Eagle's Nest Daniel Letovsky Rain & Sun
7/18/01 David Barrette Cabin 2 Matt Clifford Sun & Little Rain
7/19/01 Ben Brewster Cabin 2 Charles Netzer Beautiful & Sunny
7/20/01 Sam Wells Cabin 2 Matt Clifford Beautiful & Sunny
7/21/01 Ben Young Hilton B Christopher Cogswell Sunny Day
7/22/01 Christopher Cogswell Cabin 7 Andrew Clemence Sunny & Hot
7/23/01 Charlie Knights Cabin 7 Ben Whittemore Very Hot
7/24/01 Ryan McGroarty Cabin 8 Matt Clifford Sunny
7/25/01 Sebby Weeks Hilton B Christopher Cogswell Sunny
7/26/01 Ben Brewster Cabin 8 Ben Whittemore Am Rain/PM Sun
7/27/01 Nate Judge Cabin 3 Peter Neilson Sunny & Beautiful
7/28/01 Chris Rios Hilton B Ben Whittemore Sunny
7/29/01 Chris Ortengren Cabin 7 Matt Clifford Sunny
7/30/01 Patrick Bowden Pete's Palace Brandon LeBaron Beautiful & Sunny
7/31/01 Ben Howard Cabin 4 Colin McMahon Hot & Sunny
8/01/01 Dan Letovsky Cabin 5 Andrew Clemence Hot & Sunny
8/02/01 Scott Loren Cabin 8 Nick Musciano Hot & Humid
8/03/01 Alasdair Hayward Hilton B Aidan Bozzelli Hot & Humid
8/04/01 Philipp Kindelbacher Cabin 5 Aidan Bozzelli Sunny & Hot
8/05/01 David Barrette Cabin 7 Nick Rios Sunny & Hot
8/06/01 Beach Day!!!!
8/07/01 Scott Thompson Pete's Palace Brandon LeBaron Sunny Day
8/08/01 Eli Fitch Cabin 5 Thibault De Fonscolombe Sunny
8/09/01 Banquet and Awards!
8/10/01 Packing Day/Chip Ceremony and Goodbyes!
8/11/01 Campers Leave/75th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, June 24th

Opening Day 2001! There were many smiling faces all over the hillside as campers both new and old found themselves finally at summer camp. We opened our season with 69 campers and 6 Counselors-in-Training, with 31 campers in the front three week program - new to the Rock.

In the afternoon, the new boys went on a tour around camp with Directors Mattson and Deering. This was a great way for the boys to ask questions and to learn the names of some of the areas on campus. Meanwhile, the returning campers went up on the hilltop with Head Counselor Thomas Joyce and were asked to help the new boys adjust to the program and campus life.

After dinner the entire BRC Community came together in the lodge for Introductions. This is a time for each individual person to get up in front of the group and introduce themselves and tell the community a little bit about who they are and what their individual goals are for the summer.

Monday, June 25th

Today was our first full day of activities for BRC's 75th Season! Four groups were formed for all the campers: Bobcats, Elk, Falcons, and Wolves. The boys were excited to get a chance to try new things like windsurfing, kayaking, archery, etc. The Eagles Nest group spent the day preparing themselves for an overnight adventure that will be going out tomorrow. They worked on team-building skills on the ropes course as well as outdoor skills at Campcraft.

All the boys went through testing day on the waterfront and were split into their respective groups for instructional swim. We have some great swimmers who will soon be challenging themselves in Birch Rock's long distance swim program.

This summer's inaugural Evening Activity was quorum. The game gave us time to play as a complete camp before listening to the loons' melody put us to sleep.

Tuesday, June 26th

And they're off! The boys of Eagle's Nest left on the first trip of the season for Birch Rock. These fine young men will be hiking Tumbledown Mountain, located in the Weld Region of Maine. The boys will climb to the top and find a small pond where they can take a nice dip in the cool waters. Considering how hot it is here today, they will probably spend a lot of time swimming before returning to base camp for the evening. We will look forward to their return tomorrow.

Jake Merchant is the first camper for the summer to earn part of a badge in any activity. He has learned how to bump in volleyball. Way to go, Jake! He was also very helpful up at Archery with Archery Guru Lenza Latendresse.

Tonight Senior Counselor Mike Apicelli will start our fishing outings on Lake McWain. He claims to know of a fish bigger than a Hiltonite that lurks in the lake.

Wednesday, June 27th

The Tumbledown Mountain group returned from their trip today, and Cabin 3 and Cabin 4 went out on a day trip with Trip Director Josh Pincus. Josh took the boys over to Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in Maine with its water pouring off a 90 foot drop. The Birch Rockers reported it as splendid and spectacular! Trip Leader Orin Dodge also led a trip of Buzzards Roost boys to Mount Bigelow for two days.

What happened in camp, you ask? The boys had more fun on the hill and spent a lot of time on the waterfront today. It was almost 100 degrees outside so swimming and other water sports were extremely popular.

Director Deering went over the Guiding Principles of the Rock with the boys at lunch time. These are the standards of positive character that the boys pledge to live up to here at the Rock (and we hope later in the outside world). The five guiding principles are:

  1. Lead By Example
  2. Cooperate to Learn for Life
  3. Respect Yourself and Others
  4. Motivate and Challenge Yourself
  5. Help The Other Fellow

Thursday, June 28th

This time it is Cabins 1 & 2 leaving campus on an overnight. These boys are spending the evening at Overset Pond, Birch Rock's satellite campus. Josh Pincus plans to show these young lads how to act in the wilderness using "Leave No Trace" skills, as well as general wilderness skills like knife use, fire building and proper waste disposal.

The Hiltonites picked 55 quarts of native Maine strawberries with Janice, Richard and CIT Trevor - oh what beautiful sticky red hands!

The breeze today gave the boys in camp a chance to work more closely on windsurfing and sailing skills. Tennis seems to currently be BRC's most popular activity, both as a class and on camper free time, and small groups of fisherman are finally in full swing during evening activity. Fax Herbert caught an 18 inch bass, the biggest catch of the summer, right off the dock last night and Mike Apicelli plans on taking a group of four out almost every night. Watch out, fish!

We had two birthdays today: Senior Camper Brandon LeBaron is 15 years old today and Charlie Knights has finally joined the teenage ranks at 13.

Friday, June 29th

This morning Mike "Don Miguel" Apicelli kicked off the Birch Rock golf season by taking a foursome of campers to Norway Country Club. Watch out Tiger Woods, Chelton Martin sank a 20 foot putt and has his eyes on a green jacket in a few years. Another foursome took off for the links this afternoon. During the next few Fridays Don Miguel will lead more foursomes to the links.

While they were out playing golf, four other campers jumped in the lake and swam their ducks. The Duck is a 3/4 mile swim across the width of the lake. Those campers were Guillaume Houssin, Fax Herbert, Brandon LeBaron, and Matt Clifford. Great job guys!

The field was also abuzz with activity. The first three archery badges of the summer were earned. Keep up the good work boys!

Saturday, June 30th

Today was a regular day of activities. The boys continued to work on badge parts and are settling into the BRC schedule nicely. We had games at lacrosse and baseball, and a match at volleyball all going on at the same time. It was a very busy day for Field Director Lenza Latendresse and his staff.

In the afternoon a brief thunderstorm rolled through campus, so we all gathered in the main lodge to learn and practice some classic camp songs. The boys mastered four or five standbys in quick order, and we're sure to be ready for the annual 4th of July parade down main street, Waterford.

Tonight will be our first installment of 'Campfire', Birch Rock's version of Saturday Night Live. Half of the cabins will perform skits of their own creation for the enjoyment of the whole community. The staff will also perform a skit this week, 'The Chess-Club Super Heroes', written and directed by the Camp Fire MCs, Lenza and Brad.

Sunday, July 1st

They say, "Time flies by when you're having fun." Week one has come to an end and so much has happened in so little time.

This morning after a longer clean-up period (the boys fold their clothes nice and neat in their trunks) in the cabins, the boys all gathered in the grove for letter-writing. This is the time each week when the boys write a letter home and take showers.

After a delicious Sunday lunch of roast beef and baked potatoes, we all gathered in the lodge for our first installment of the 'BRC Cinema'. Rain showers washed out the planned Field Olympics, and the whole group welcomed the chance to rest and relax.

Sunday evening saw another first of the season, our opening 'Tree Talk'. This week we discussed some of camp's history and ideas about community. By eight thirty everyone was in bed for a good nights rest and the close of the first week.

Monday, July 2nd

The boys of Hilton went to Streaked Mountain, a 1 mile round trip with a 1647 feet summit height. The views were spectacular in all directions including Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range and Oxford County's Farm and Forest Land.

The second week of the 75th season is well underway with lots of adventure and trips for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3rd

Today was a beautiful day for fun in the sun. After a slightly chilly morning wake-up, we had a delicious breakfast of hot cereal and French toast.

We had three more long distance swims this morning - all Ducks. Ian Clunie swam across the lake and then Jake "Alvin" Huston swam back. The third swim on the day was a Loon, a swim across the width of the lake and back (1.5 miles), the equivalent of two ducks.

The Pete's Palace crew went out on a trail blaze. These eight young gentlemen set out on a quest to blaze a new trail at the Overset Pond Satellite Campus in Greenwood, ME. The boys worked hard sawing and hacking through logs and underbrush. They have since decided to name the trail Pete's Path, in recognition of Pete Haas '70s - '80s from which Pete's Palace got its name.

Wednesday, July 4th

Happy Independence Day! In the morning, we celebrated the 4th of July by joining the parade in Waterford. The boys marched with banners, flags, Randy's homemade cookies and smiles through the historical town of Waterford. The boys sang BRC songs with cheers while handing out cookies to the local residents. It was a great parade and a good time was had by all!

In the afternoon, the entire camp played Cross Camp Capture the Flag. This is the one time the boys are allowed to run through camp, and they love it! We played a few games and then sent them to the waterfront for a dip.

The rain hit us in the evening and forced us to change our plans a bit. We decided to show the boys a couple movies. Lower Camp watched "Hoosiers" starring Gene Hackman, and Upper Camp watched "Sting" starring Robert Redford. A couple of classics on Independence Day. Sprites and M&M's were also passed out during the movie as a very special treat.

Thursday, July 5th

Having the 4th of July in the middle of the week forced Trip Director Joshua Pincus to get a little creative with the trip schedule. Three trips left the Rock: Trip Number One, [[Cabin 4]&Cabin 5, was off to Pleasant Mtn., aka Shawnee Peak with trip leader Deb and Head Counselor Thomas Joyce. Director Pincus took Cabin 6 to Double Head Mtn., and Trip Leader Dodge with Counselors Joelsson and Director Deering headed for Mt Speckle with an overnight on Overset Pond.

This morning Winona (an all boys camp in Bridgton) sent over a crew of young boys to play our Bobcats in a game of Kickball. Although the Winona team won the game, our boys said they had a great time and would love to play again.

Friday, July 6th

It was a beautiful day for fun and badge work. We had a number of badges earned, including another long distance swims. Pearson Jenks swam his Loon across the width of the lake and back. He's already starting to talk about the Seal swim.

All three of our trips returned safely and successfully. All had wonderful weather and good times out in the wilderness of Maine and New Hampshire.

Friday evening, the young men of Upper Camp (Eagles Nest, Buzzards Roost, Owl's Perch, and Pete's Palace) took a journey to the Arcadia Garden Party. Arcadia is a beautiful all-girls camp located in Casco, ME. There were three or four other boys camps there, but the boys of BRC stole the show.

While the older boys were off romancing the local ladies, the younger campers tried to play as many different evening activities as they could. They managed to squeeze in Quorum, Orb, Kick Ball, and Ultimate Frisbee, before the sun set and everybody headed to a good night's rest.

Saturday, July 7th

It was a regular day of activities at the Rock. We're starting to see more and more field badges earned everyday. Lacrosse, Volleyball, Baseball, and Archery are currently the most popular activities on campus but I'm sure that will change.

Once again, we had our Saturday Night Campfire. The camper skits were all very funny and included Super Dooper Man, The Viper Man, President Bush, and many more. The staff performed the "Lake McWain Dance," a skit combining the Riverdance and a dance competition. A good time was had by all!

Sunday, July 8th

Today was Parent Visitation Day. We had about 100 visitors come into Birch Rock with smiles and excitement. Randy cooked a fabulous turkey meal with mashed potatoes, salad, dessert, etc. The boys were very happy to see their friends and relatives and report all the fun stories of the summer. The Senior Campers began the day with a relay march celebrating 100 years of Camping in Maine.

In the afternoon, Head Counselor Joyce and staff led the boys into the lodge for BRC Casino. With wood chips for money and the staff dressed up in multi-colored suits and ties, the boys were entertained for a few hours. The casino had dealers, bouncers, pit bosses, and professional gamblers. The boys had a blast!

This evening will be our second Tree Talk of the summer, which will be led by Director Deering and Joshua Pincus. The community will be discussing Friendship and "Helping the Other Fellow."

Monday, July 9th

We started the third week in high gear today. Lower Camp traveled down to the 'big city' to catch a Sea Dog's baseball game which the dogs won 14-5. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed a wonderful nine innings. While the youngsters were off on their adventure the older boys stayed in camp to prepare for this weeks trips and to put in some time working on badges.

By the afternoon we had the whole camp back together again, but the weather turned bad with the most intense thunderstorms and rain that we've had this summer. Over two inches of rain fell in just over and hour while we were all hunkered down in our cabins waiting out the thunder and lightening.

The wet weather lead to another installment of the BRC cinema. The older boys watched the newly released X-men, while the younger boys saw Dr. Doolittle. Though the weather tried to stop us, we all had a great start to the third week.

Tuesday, July 10th

When we woke up this morning the rain had just left. As the wet weather left camp Runoia, our sister camp, arrived. Forty of their older girls came over for the day to play games, take a swim, and meet some of the handsome brutes of Upper camp.

By two o'clock the thunder, lightening, and rain had returned, moving us all back into the lodge for some music and socializing. Finally, the rain let up enough for everyone to go for a swim.

Tonight, the rain came back so we decided to show a few more movies. Lower Camp watched "Goonies", Upper Camp watched "The Princess Bride". We are already making plans for a few improv staff skits for the next few evenings because of rain.

Wednesday, July 11th

Today was an unusual weather event here at the Rock. The rain and sun alternated every hour or so, making it very difficult for the program. We were, however, able to play outside almost all day long. The strongest thunder and rain came down right before supper and ended any chance of a full group evening activity.

After supper, the boys went back to their cabins for an evening of board games and bonding with their cabin mates and counselors. An all camp treat of Sprites was offered to everyone, courtesy of Anderson Flach. Thanks, Anderson!!!!

Tomorrow's forecast calls for more unsettled weather, but there is the chance for some sun, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thursday, July 12th

We are back into the regular swing of things today. We had three trips return to campus, which brought our group back to its full size. All three trips: Mahoosic Range, Crocker Pond, and Overset Pond were great even though the boys had to battle the elements. They had many stories to tell about the hiking, fishing, sunsets and sunrises, or seeing other people on the trails.

We had a couple more long distance swims today including Clark Fountain and Guillaume Housin completed their second swim, the Loon while Jake Merchant and Arthur Hockmuth conquered their first, the Duck!

This evening we had our first Cabin Night. This is when the boys break into their cabin groups and cook their own dinner over the open fire. Hot Dogs, Chips and S'mores...mmmmmm!

Friday, July 13th

This morning while the three weekers packed their trunks and personal belongings the seven weekers went up on the hill for a game of soccer. The action was intense with a goal scored every few minutes.

In the afternoon the entire BRC crew played the most popular game on campus, Cross Camp Capture-the-Flag. The teams were huge and the whole hive was buzzing with activity. We played four full games before going to our beautiful waterfront for an all camp general swim.

As the three week session drew to a close, the kitchen put together a delicious banquet followed by the awards ceremony. There was a plethora of badges earned by the three weekers as the rest of the group shared in their success. The positive achievements and character development was evident through the applause of the community and the grinning smiles of each camper. Afterwards, we all went down to the Birch Rock for our Three Week Chip Ceremony. This is a special time for all the three weekers to stand in front of their Birch Rock Brethren and share something special about their summer experience.

Saturday, July 14th

TURNOVER DAY! Our three weekers left us this morning. They went home with many smiles, stories, badges, and memories. We will look forward to seeing their happy grins next summer. Goodbye, boys!

Birch Rock Marching Song
From the campfires by our cabins,
To the shores of Rangeley Lake,
We shall help the other fellow,
And good friendships we shall make.
We shall strive for truth and charity
And to everyone we'll claim,
We are proud to spend our summers,
On the shores of Lake McWain

The seven weekers went on their traditional turnover day trip. The boys started with laser tag, indoor rock climbing, and mini-golf. After that they had a pizza party at Pats Pizza in Bethel. By the time they got back to camp you could see many smiles of joy on their faces. Here's to the seven weekers, it's their energy and love for this place that keeps the morale high.

Sunday, July 15th

Opening Day for the 4 weekers was perfect. The weather, food and visiting families were all great. We quickly moved all the boys into their cabins and prepared for the afternoon fun. As the parents and other family members left us, the kids immediately jumped into "New Games" (the camp's name games activity).

The evening was Introductions held down at the Birch Rock. Each person gets up and introduces himself to the group. They say their name, their hometown and what they hope to get out of the summer. It's a great way for us to get to know each other quickly.

Monday, July 16th

Our first full day of activities for the second session and the sun was shining. While most of camp signed up for daily activities, ten selected all-stars went to Camp Agawam for a six vs. six soccer tournament. Though we were not crowned champion, a good time was had by all.

In the afternoon we snuck two more activity periods in before the rain came. The MWA group went out for a quick afternoon trip to Angel Falls. The rain fell through the late afternoon and supper time, but stopped just in time for us to get back up on the hill after the meal for a great evening activity of Orb and Smash. Last night, as we all played up on the hill, we watched the brightest and most colorful sunset of the summer, followed by a showing of the northern lights. What a great opening for second session!

Tuesday, July 17th

Despite the unusual weather of alternating rain and sun, the boys were back at it again. The baseball gang worked on sliding skills, while campcraft guys were working on their axe rights. Of course, the waterfront was busy as well, with kayaking, canoeing, and swimming all in full force. David O'Toole and Daniel Letovsky were both their axe rights after weeks of practice and testing.

The afternoon included more of the same with the additions of storytelling and cards during brief down pours. The Maine Wilderness Adventure crew were awarded their uniform shirts for the trip and also received training in kayaking, canoeing, foraging, and latrine detail from Veteran Counselor Dave Weeks.

It rained again this evening so we've decided to open the BRC Cinema again. Tonight, Upper Camp is watching "White Fang", and Lower Camp is watching "Big". Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, July 18th

It was one of the best days we've had in a few weeks. The boys had a chance to really get out there and cut loose. The field and waterfront were both alive with activity.

In the afternoon, Lenza ran an incredible baseball game. There were at least six boys and two staff on each team, and Director Mattson provided the voice of an announcer to the action. We had some stupendous plays, including an incredible diving catch in center field by MVP David Barrette.

In Campcraft, Tom Crowley worked on the cooking part of his badge by making a spatula out of wood and then cooking veggie burgers over an open fire. Tom later said he wanted to go for the cooking part of his badge every day (He, of course said this while licking his chops). Apparently, the burgers were amazing.

Thursday, July 19th

This morning was a day of excitement and activity. There were many badge parts earned in Volleyball, Soccer, Sailing, and others. Thibault De Fonscolombe, our French camper, earned his Junior Soccer badge in a few short days.

Our trip program continues to soar to new heights. As Cabin 8 returns from their night in the woods at Rump Pond, Cabins 1 and 2 leave for an overnight at Overset Pond. Joshua Pincus said they will do some hiking, fishing, and of course, commune with nature.

In the afternoon, our Senior Campers earned themselves a trip to the movies for all their hard work and enthusiasm. They went out to Burger King followed by "Jurassic Park III".

Ben Brewster was a Super Camper today for his endless efforts in perfecting his dives into Lake McWain.

Fishing has been a very popular dusk activity. Here are some shots for you to enjoy:

Friday, July 20th

The excitement continues with a basketball game on the new Birch Rock Camp Multi-purpose Court. The BRC boys took on the Winona lads in a game of fun in the sun. We're really excited to have the new court and finally get a chance to use it.

We had a few birthdays today. Camper Scott Loren and Counselor David "Ziggy" Nesher were both born on July 20th. The cake was delicious and the Birch Rock Cheers were loud.

Our Super Camper today is Sam Wells. Sam spent the instructional swim period getting over his fear of deep water. When Waterfront Director Clinton O'Leary finally got him to jump of the end of the catwalks into the eight foot deep water, Sam surfaced and said, "That was fun. Can I do it again?" Way to go Sammy!

This evening after we sent the Lower Campers to bed, Director Mike Mattson organized a Pep Rally in the lodge. At 9 pm the campers were all called to the lodge for food, friendship and fun. There was music and drums, card games, ping pong, and, of course, food. We celebrated for about 45 minutes before rounding up the group for our Pep Rally talk. Mike talked about this being Birch Rock's 75th season and how important it was that we all have a positive summer. All enjoyed the festivities!

Saturday, July 21st

After a late wake up to help us refresh from the pep rally, the sun shone on the shores of McWain Pond. Senior Camper Ben Whittemore swam his loon this morning. The loon is the second in our series of long distance swims, across the lake and back.

In the afternoon the camp continued to buzz with energy as campers earned nine archery badges. Jon Geiger earned his ninth archery badge, earning 100 points at 30 yards with 30 arrows. Way to go Jon!

Saturday night's campfire allowed some of our creative energy to show. The staff skit was the first part in a continuing series, Starr Warz episode 75. The campers' skits were entertaining and we look forward to more hilarity next week.

Sunday, July 22nd

Randy continued Albert's Sunday morning tradition of popovers for breakfast, they were good. After a thorough clean-up of beds, trunks, and cabins the boys came to the grove for letters home and showers. The beautiful morning was a great way to start the week!

The kitchen served up another delicious Sunday dinner of roast beef, peas, and baked potatoes. Our afternoon was hot and humid, and the Water Carnival was the perfect all camp activity. Campers frolicked in the water all afternoon as they earned points for the Crimson and Grey teams.

In Tree Talk tonight we discussed some history of Birch Rock and the importance of friendship. Many campers contributed to a wonderful discussion down at the Rock.

Monday, July 23rd

The heat was intense! We reached 98 deg. up here in the woods Monday afternoon, and the only thing we could do was to go swimming. Two separate groups of guys went out in search of the classic Maine swimming hole, while the rest of us stayed at camp and played in the lake and stayed in the shade. With the sprinklers spraying and the water being consumed at a record setting rate, we survived until the sun went down behind some late day clouds.

After a supper of mac & cheese in the grove, we headed up on the hill for a quick game of Orb, followed by a refreshing pre-bed time dip in the lake to cool us off. The forecast for Tuesday calls for even higher temperatures and humidity, so it looks like more of the same. Enjoy your Air Conditioners!

Tuesday, July 24th

Today was a day focused on activities and badge parts. Philipp Kindelbacher has become the god of the field, earning his Senior Baseball. He's also working on the Advanced Soccer. Keep up the good work, Philipp.

The Buzzard's Roost group has loaded up our trip canoes and left for the Rangeley Lakes Region. The Rangleys is one of Birch Rock's most popular canoe trips so we know their going to have a great time. We look forward to receiving news about the trip when they get back on Friday.

Wednesday, July 25th

It was a beautiful but extremely hot day. Part of Eagle's Nest and Part of Cabin 7 went to Evans Notch to hike in the woods. The other half of those cabins went on a Mountain Biking trip to Overset Pond.

We also had a day trip to the Portland Seadogs baseball game. The two oldest cabins, Owls Perch and Pete's Palace went with Director Mattson and staff to Camper Day at Hadlock Field. Both teams played well but in the end it was the Seadogs who were victorious!

Thursday, July 26th

Another great badge day! Today, David Barrette and JP Giorgi earned their Senior Baseball badge. Also, their were a number of badge parts earned on the waterfront.

Our Hiltonites went to Winona Camp for boys for a game of Nukem Volleyball. This is a game of catch and throw with a volleyball net. Then in the afternoon, the older boys played a real volleyball game. In both cases the Birch Rock boys only lost by two points. They came back with smiles and enthusiasm. Way to go!

Tonight, we opened the BRC Cinema for a few movies. Lower Camp saw "Dinosaur" and the Upper Campers watched "Dude, Where's my car?"

Ben Brewster was a Super Camper today. He was a true gentlemen on the volleyball court.

Friday, July 27th

Today we experienced a wonderful change from our daily routine with a special guest at camp. Music Man Gary Whittner spent the day with us teaching a little about melody, harmony, and rhythm. For tonight's evening activity Gary is holding a concert in the Birch Rock amphitheater.

This morning parts of Eagles' Nest and Cabin 7 returned from their trip hiking Baldface mountain. In the afternoon Buzzards' Roost returned from their Rangeley Lake canoe trip. After many days in the woods and on the water, a good time was had by all!

After lunch 6 boys and tennis guru Jeff Clark played a few mixed doubles games against Camp Fernwood Cove, a girls camp down the street. It was a successful afternoon on the courts.

Campers are anticipating Sunday's parent visitation day. If you are in the area, please let us know that you are coming. Please arrive no earlier than 11AM and plan to depart around 2 PM. We ask parents to please respect the camp rules of no food or candy in the cabins. See you soon!

Saturday, July 28th

Today was Board Day at BRC. Twelve members of our board of directors were on campus for the day, participating in activities, watching camp-fire, and planning for the future! The board is made up primarily of former campers and counselors who brought their years of experience and stories of the Birch Rock of yesteryear back to share with this summer's group.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today, as it has been since Thursday, and we had a full day of activities on the hill and in the water. In the evening however, we remained inside for the latest installment of Camp-Fire! We enjoyed skits from four cabins, a staff skit, and the Mr. BRC competition.

Today marked the conclusion of the fifth week of camp. It has been a great week with badges flying, trips adventuring, and long-distance swims galore. With only two more weeks of camp left the energy level and excitement have been turned up another notch for the push to the finish.

Sunday, July 29th

The word of the day was 'visitors'. Our second parent's day of the season saw gorgeous sunny weather, a delicious lunch from Randy, and more than one hundred visitors to camp. Most of our guests were camper parents, though we had a few board members left over from the day before. We all enjoyed a casual morning catching up with our guests, followed by a huge buffet lunch.

After the parents went home, the whole camp gathered in our outdoor theater for a production of "The Prince of Biroca". This play, written and directed by Mike Mattson, told the tale of the kingdom of Biroca, a plague that falls on the land, and the quest to find the cure. We saw ogres, giants, elves, wizards, witches and dragons, before the Prince and his men finally won the cure and saved the kingdom. After the skit, we all went for a nice long afternoon swim and rest period.

After supper we all went down to the Birch Rock for the latest meeting of Tree Talk. This week we discussed the finer points of 'warm fuzzies', (compliments, thank yous, etc.) and 'cold pricklies' (insults, mockery, etc.). We saw another short skit dealing with these ideas, and then all had the opportunity to write a few 'warm fuzzies' of our own to other people at camp. After a few songs and another classically beautiful Maine sunset, we all "hit the hay".

Monday, July 30th

Another day of great weather up in Maine today. We had a full day of regular activities today, several badges earned, and even a couple of long distance swims.

Tuesday, July 31st

Today was a busy day. We had a few trips going off campus today. Our senior campers in Pete's Palace left on a four day canoe trip on the Moose River, and Cabins 3 & 4 are camping over on the Crooked River and hiking Pleasant Mountain. Also, Owls Perch will hike Little Haystack as a quick late afternoon day trip.

This morning our Head Counselor and a few staff took a few of the Upper Camp cabins on an excursion over to Camp Runoia for Girls. They enjoyed a play day with the girls.

Our Super Camper today was Ben Howard. Ben is the smallest guy at Birch Rock and takes on the place with energy and enthusiasm. A little guy with a lot of positive energy. Here's to ya, Ben!

Wednesday, August 1st

This morning we had a huge baseball / kickball game on the field for the Wolves and Bobcats, the two youngest groups in camp. The Falcons played a volleyball game and then went to instructional swim.

In the afternoon, Thomas took the Falcons out to a local swimming area for a swim off campus. They splashed around for a few hours before heading to Tut's for some ice cream. They came back with smiles and a little new found energy.

We had another long distance swim go out today. Ben Whittemore completed has Seal this afternoon. The Seal is a two and a half mile swim across the length of the lake. Congrats, Ben!

The boys had Cabin Night in the evening. This is when they break into their cabin groups and cook hot dogs and smores over the open fire. After eating dinner, the cabin will decide what game they want to play and where. Most of the cabins chose Orb, Ping-Pong, or just sitting around the fire talking.

Thursday, August 2nd

Yet another fine Birch Rock Day! Campers are smiling as they race to the field or waterfront for activities filled with fun and excitement. There were many badges and badge parts announced today from the waterfront and field. Soccer, Baseball, Sailing and Canoeing were the most common. Our canoe instructor, Mark Sutherland announced that Charlie Knights, Ryan McGroarty, and Daniel Letovsky had a record canoe rescue today. These three young men were able to flip and drain a swamped canoe in 6 minutes and 13 seconds.

We had a few other success stories on the waterfront today. We had a couple Loons, the long distance swims across the lake and back. Also, one of our campers, Sam Wells, has been a camper here for four summers and has never been out to the raft without a P.F.D. because of a fear of deep water. Well, Mr. Wells made it out and back on his own. Pictures below:

This morning our camp librarian, Pam Stock and a few campers found a stack of board games spilled all over the floor. Before she could bend over and start cleaning up, Scott Loren was on the floor picking up the boards and pieces. This is a perfect example of Help the Other Fellow so Scott was awarded the Super Camper today. Thanks for the help, Scott!

Friday, August 3rd

It is hot and humid today! This morning, Field Director Lenza Latendresse brought all the field guys down to the lodge area to play in the sprinklers. The boys played four square and tetherball with the sprinklers right under them. They had a blast!

In the afternoon, Joshua Pincus and the rest of the staff led an all camp waterfront. Boating, Sailing, Canoeing, Windsurfing, and Kayaking were all up and running. The boys either did one of the boating activities or they went swimming all afternoon. It was a very hot day!

Saturday, August 4th

Today was a regular day of activities. This gave the kids some quality time to work on their badges. In the morning Philipp Kindelbacher and Dan Letovsky swam their Loons. The Loon is one of our long distance swims with a total distance of about a mile and a half. Nice Work, gents!

Sunday, August 5th

This is the last Sunday of the 2001 season. The boys had their regular morning of showers and writing a letter home. The Shower Barons made sure the showers were both fun and efficient. By noon time, we had a group of clean young gentlemen.

In the afternoon, Head Counselor Joyce decided to run another casino day. The boys played poker, black jack and other fun card games. The staff dressed up in casino costumes including dealers, pit bosses, and professional gamblers. Watch out, Foxwoods!

We had our final Tree Talk down at the Rock. The campers and staff gave individual testimonials on the character that can be found at Birch Rock, and how it helps us grow and learn.

Monday, August 6th

Today's Beach Day! The men of Birch Rock loaded up into a bus and three vans and were off to Scarborough Beach. They walked the beach, played frisbee, football and volleyball, swimming, got sun tans and read books. In other words, they relaxed and had fun.

In the evening, it was time for the Strut Contest. This is where the boys strut down the catwalks and then do a crazy jump or dive into the water. Once the boys were in, they had general swim to get the rest of the sand and salt out of their hair. Here are the winners of the Strut Contest: Scott Thompson, Matt Clifford, and Harry Netzer. It was a happy day!

Tuesday, August 7th

Today was one of our last few days of regular activities, and the boys were working hard to wrap of their badge parts. More field and waterfront badges were announced at the meals.

We also had a few long distance swims today. Jonathan Geiger swam his Seal across the length of the lake with speed and grace. The Seal is a two and half mile swim from Seal Rock to the beaches of Waziyatah.

The other swim was our first of two Whales this season. The Whale is a 5.5 mile swim around the perimeter of the lake. This is the longest swim we have and only about 60 people have successfully completed it in BRC history. We would like to congratulate Ben Young for completing the Whale in a time of 3 hours and 7 minutes. Excellent Job, Ben!

Wednesday, August 8th

This is our last full day of regular activities. We have a number of kids finishing up their last badges of the summer. We also have a group of Upper Campers going out to the rifle range with Chris Carson and Ryan Massey. I'm sure we'll see a lot of targets full of great shots.

This morning Keith Arnold swam the final Whale of the summer. Keith earned the third fastest Whale in BRC history with a time of 2 hours and 32 minutes. Keith, you are a star!

Eli Fitch is our Super Camper today. Eli has spent a lot of time trying to pull his cabin group together. The boys of Buzzards are better for it!

Thursday, August 9th

The afternoon was spent preparing the lodge for the banquet and awards ceremony. The new campers and staff went on the Lacapodium Hunt. This is a hunt for a plant for the goodbye ceremony on Friday.

The evening meal was our end of the year banquet. The animal heads were dressed, the lodge swept and mopped, flags on the walls, brass polished, and the corn shucked. The meal was delicious!

We then followed our dinner with the badges and awards ceremony. There were a bunch of awards earned and many badges received. A good time was had by all!

Friday, August 10th

Today was the last full day of camp. The goodbyes at the Chip Ceremony brought tears to one and all. We will miss being together but the spirit of our fire will continue to burn in the off-season. See you next year!!!!!